The Wild Atlantic Way

We had the pleasure of completing a job this week at Old Head Beach in Near Westport.   Such a stunning part of the world.  With the Autumn colors all around us, and a slight nip of frost it looked even more breathtaking.  The tree removal had to be done on a cliff edge, the roots had become unstable due to the cliff edge corrosion.   Debris and overgrowth had to be removed first so that a clear path could be made to the trees.  The trees were removed safely, a tree small had actually fallen from the Cliff we removed this from the beach.  I have attached some before and After shots of the site and more can be found in our Gallery.  Some remaining Spruce Trees were also topped as part of the Job.

Old Head Oct 16 (12)
Old Head Oct 16 (4)
Old Head Oct 16 (7)Old Head Oct 16 (14)